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Special Services

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

Welcome to the Special Services Department webpage for Beecher Road School. 

Our goal at Beecher Road School is to help families feel informed and to provide support as they navigate through the various processes including evaluations, the identification process, and developing and implementing individualized education plans. We understand that the world of special education can be overwhelming and we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with families to best meet the needs of our students. The Special Services Team is available to meet with families or they can be reached via e-mail to discuss any needs or concerns that may arise throughout the school year.

Strong communication and collaboration between home and school is the key to student success. The team at Beecher Road School understands that families are busy and work to find creative ways to communicate progress and to work closely together to better meet the needs of the students. Staff can be reached via e-mail. (All staff have e-mail with their first initial, their last name

There are many resources posted on the website to help to clarify the special education process, and we hope that families find them informative. If we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s case manager, or if you are new to the process, I would be happy to speak to anyone and answer questions. To reach the special services department, call (203) 389-6598.


Cheryl Mammen

Special Services Director
Woodbridge Public Schools


The Woodbridge School District provides appropriate educational opportunities for all students. This includes a continuum of services designed to meet the educational needs of exceptional children. Special education is provided to a child with an identified disability who needs specially designed instruction to meet his/her unique needs and to enable the child to access the general curriculum. A child who is eligible for special education services is entitled by federal law to receive a free appropriate public education (FAPE). FAPE ensures that all students with disabilities receive an appropriate public education at no cost to the family. FAPE differs from student to student because each has unique needs.


Before our district personnel refer a student to a Planning and Placement Team, alternative procedures and programs in regular education are explored and implemented where appropriate. Beecher Road School has a team that provides a variety of alternative strategies to the teacher. This team is called the Child Study Team. Parents are encouraged to collaborate with the teacher and other involved staff during this time.

Parents or school personnel may request assistance from the school’s Child Study Team. The team works collaboratively with the classroom teacher and parents to develop and document strategies to assist the student within the regular education program. If the student's problems or difficulties persist, a prompt referral to a PPT is made.


In accordance with federal regulations, the Woodbridge School District assumes responsibility for the location, identification and evaluation of all children from birth through age 21 that require special education and related services. All children who are suspected of having a disability and who are in need of special education are part of the child find process in our district. This includes students who are advancing from grade to grade; enrolled by their parents in private elementary or private secondary schools, including religious schools located in our district; wards of the state and children who are highly mobile, such as migrant and homeless children. The Special Services Department annually contacts local media, pediatricians, nursery schools and agencies with specific information and procedures regarding Child Find.

In addition, the Woodbridge School District identifies students (Kindergarten through Grade 6) who may be gifted or talented.

The State’s early intervention system, the Connecticut Birth to Three System under the IDEA, Part C, (the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, the federal special education law) is responsible for identifying and providing services to children between the ages of birth and age three who are eligible to receive such services due to developmental delays or documented physical or mental conditions that have a high probability of resulting in developmental delay. Because of their overlapping responsibilities, the State Department of Education and the Connecticut Birth to Three System have an interagency agreement intended to ensure that children with disabilities are provided needed services in a timely manner. The State Department of Education asks Districts to ensure that children between the ages of birth to three are referred to the Connecticut Birth to Three System for an evaluation.

Parents who are concerned about their young child’s development should contact:
The Connecticut Birth to Three System
1-800- 505-7000