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Preschool Services


The mission of the NAEYC Accredited Beecher Road Preschool is to prepare our young students for future learning in the least restrictive environment and to help parents of young children with the challenge of meeting their developmental needs


The philosophy of the Beecher Road Preschool is based on the belief that play is the best means of facilitating learning in young children. Learning is maximized in our language –based program where children interact through child-initiated and teacher supported developmentally appropriate activities. Our nurturing environment fosters learning, social, speech, language and motor skills. Opportunities to make choices through integrated cooperative play develop problem solving skills, promote independence, and highlight the uniqueness of each individual child.

Preschool Services

Community Outreach

The Preschool Team is involved in the Woodbridge community, providing Child Find opportunities through advertised screenings, contact with area pediatricians and nursery/daycare settings. The team is also involved with community early childhood providers, collaborating and organizing to meet student needs and to prepare students entry into Kindergarten.


Consultation may be provided to families, nursery programs and day care settings regarding particular students whose speech and language, social, or motor development is in question. Consultation may be provided by a School Psychologist, Speech Language Pathologist, Social Worker, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Special Educator or any combination thereof.

Early Intervention

Students whose speech and/or language development is in question are screened. If delays are outside of developmental expectations, students may receive the services of a Speech Language Pathologist without entering Special Education. Students experiencing delay in other significant developmental areas (social/behavioral, adaptive, motor, etc.) may be referred to the Early Intervention team, who will develop an action plan if appropriate.

Individualized Education Program

Students may, based on evaluation, require Special Education. An Individualized Education Program (IEP) is developed to address developmental delays in one or more of the following areas: cognitive, receptive, expressive and pragmatic language, gross and fine motor, adaptive, or social/emotional/behavioral. Often these students attend community-based nursery schools and receive the appropriate services by appointment.

Reverse Mainstream Preschool

Students, whose level of developmental delay is such that specialized instruction and therapies must be provided within a structured Special Education setting in order for the student to make reasonable progress, attend the Beecher Road Preschool. Participation in this program is determined by the Planning and Placement Team and an Individualized Education Program drives the instruction. Typically developing children, chosen by lottery, attend this preschool also to provide the opportunity for our students to be educated in the least restrictive environment. To facilitate skill acquisition and application across settings, parent training is provided in group and/or individual sessions.