Visual Art Education at Beecher Road School is at the core of the educational experience for students in grades  K-6. Art is a universal language that crosses all disciplines, culture and history. Art teachers as facilitators, provide the catalyst for student learning, problem solving, and expression of the child’s unique creativity, interests, and emotions. It should also provide experiences which enable the child to use his/her talents to construct new information. The inventive spirit is an important attribute in the visual field where ideas form the work. Students learn to become critical observers of their environment and understand that art is an integral part of their everyday lives … the clothes they wear, the cars they drive, the movies they see, the buildings they enter.

Students educated in art are able to invent, reflect and set quality standards for their artistic growth and development. They are able to articulate the meaning of their artwork and that of artists they have studied. The collaborative, cooperative and visually stimulating atmosphere of the art classroom provides the opportunity to develop teamwork, self-esteem and a positive, inclusive atmosphere.

Art has always been an indicator of a civilization’s level of achievement. Through the study of visual art, we gain an understanding and appreciation for the history, values and contributions of many civilizations and cultures. The process of providing these experiences and transmitting a visual culture to future generations is both a legitimate role and obligation of our educational system.