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Heroes & Villains


Grades 3 & UP

This course is designed to explore strategic gaming through the universe of comic book heroes and villains.  Use your super strength, hypersonic speed, mind control, super-senses, and more to outwit your opponent. Batman vs. the Joker or Superman vs. Darksied or The Avengers vs. X-men - anything is possible!


 8:00 am Thursday mornings May 10th - June 7th - the fun starts early!

Saturday May 5th is Free Comic Book Day at many Comic Book Stores

Many Free Comics Available and Free Heroclix

Local Artists and Writers


Comic Shops Closest to Beecher Road School are:

Legends of Superheroes in Middlebury near Waterbury

Sarge's Comics in New London

Some great places to purchase are:

Local comic book shops like Clockwork Comics in Orange, CT., Alternate Universe in New Haven and Milford, CT., DJs Comics in Wallingford, CT., Gaming Etc. in Stratford, CT. You can find some great deals on the Internet as well.


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