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Readers Workshop

Reader’s Workshop is a teaching method that has been around for many years. Its main focus is to foster a love for reading within our students, and to differentiate, or personalize, instruction in order to accommodate the learning needs of all students. Reader’s Workshop follows a very similar format to Writer’s Workshop. First the teacher models a reading strategy during a mini lesson. Next students engage in a large block of time where they independently apply their reading strategies in “just right” (independent level) books while teachers move about the room to quietly conference with individual students. Last, the students meet to share what they learned as readers. Reader’s Workshop is a child-centered approach to teaching reading that brings the “real” world of reading into the classroom; students select their own reading materials, read at their own pace, and talk to others about what they have read. Teachers collaborate at each grade level to develop the Units of Study and pacing guides based on their ongoing assessment of students. Reader’s Workshop is a highly organized structure requiring many hours of preparation by the teacher and extended time for students to read, think, and converse about books on a daily basis.

Components of Primary Reader’s Workshop

Additional components used in the intermediate grades include: