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The Beecher Rd. School Library is one of the largest elementary libraries in our state. The extensive collection supports and enhances the curriculum. More importantly, the library fosters life -long learning. It provides a nurturing and stimulating environment that meets the individual needs of every child, helping them to become successful and independent readers, writers, critical thinkers and problem solvers.

The library’s collection is comprised of several sections, including:

  • General Collection for grades 3-6, which includes fiction, nonfiction and biography sections
  • Easy collection for grades K- early 3rd grade students, which includes picture book, easy nonfiction, biography, and world fairy tale sections as well as a stand-alone early chapter book collection
  • Reference Section
  • Magazine Section, which includes a variety of literary and nonfiction magazines for K-6
  • Professional Collection, which includes professional books and journals, and a special fiction/nonfiction picture book collection supporting curriculum units
  • Online Resources Collection
  • Teaching Collection, which includes resources and multiple copies for areas such as genre and curriculum-related book clubs, and nonfiction science and social studies curriculum

 The library is open to all students and staff throughout the school day. Students are encouraged to visit the library independently to check out reading books, when needed, in addition to their scheduled library time. Fifth and Sixth graders check out pleasure or research books and work in the library both independently and with their classes. All individual visits to the library are coordinated between teachers and their students.

Primary School Library Overview

In the Primary grades, students Kindergarten through Second grade come to the Library during their Specials cycle. During this time, students learn about literature and library skills and are able to check out books.

Kindergarten and 1st grade students are exposed to picture book authors and illustrators, learn how to locate high interest books, and choose their own books. They become responsible patrons by checking out, reading, and returning their books.

2nd grade students expand their literary repertoire to include a wide range of chapter books, appealing to all reading abilities. Students are also immersed in nonfiction selections, often paired with fiction books. They are introduced to the online library catalog to select and locate books of their own choosing. 2nd grade students are introduced to the organization of the fiction and nonfiction collections.

Intermediate School Library Overview

Students in 3rd and 4th grade continue to come to the Library during their Specials cycle. During this time students learn information literacy and technology skills, and are able to check out books. In addition, students and classes work independently in the library, as needed.

3rd grade students continue to practice and use the online catalog to select and locate fiction and nonfiction of interest. They are introduced to online and reference resources to support their classroom learning and research. Students practice their storytelling skills using a visual literacy medium. They create a story and produce an animated movie, blending literacy and technology.

4th grade students are active users of the online catalog for selecting and locating fiction and nonfiction. They are introduced to and read a wide range of genre including biographies, realistic fiction, and fantasy. 4th grade students begin research and project-based studies. They are introduced to and guided through searching, citation, and digital citizenship basics.