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Mathematics philosophy in the Woodbridge School District builds on the belief that children begin school with mathematical intuition and with the ability to think mathematically. School provides a mathematical environment into which come ideas from the broader world and from children’s own experiences. Children’s relationships with mathematics outside of school are shaped by their experiences with mathematics in school. Through their experiences at Beecher Road School, children will develop an understanding of the world as a mathematical environment.

We affirm:

  • Children’s experiences in school will promote a positive disposition toward mathematics.
  • Children’s math programs will recognize and build upon the intuition and awareness with which they begin school.
  • Children’s math programs will encompass a broad range of math content.
  • Children will gain math confidence by being encouraged to become mathematically self-aware.
  • Children will have opportunities and will be encouraged to construct their own mathematical understandings.
  • Children will investigate and discuss situations for which there are multiple strategies and/or multiple solutions.
  • Children will be engaged in their work. They will question, explore, conjecture, reason, and explain individually and in groups.
  • Children will use math tools.