Physical Education

Physical education provides an environment  where movement is the medium for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and social interaction.  Physical Education at Beecher Road School offers students multiple opportunities to physically experience and expand their world through a cohesive, coordinated, and developmentally appropriate activity based program.

The 21st Century student must have access to the tools to begin to develop an understanding of how to achieve and maintain health-enhancing levels of physical fitness through daily physical activity, now and throughout life.  The tools of physical education are the many skills and knowledge to be gained by working in a broad spectrum of individual, dual, team, cooperative, fitness, rhythmic, dance, aquatics, and gymnastics activities.  As the child becomes an efficient mover in a variety of physical activities, daily physical activity will become more reasonable, attainable, and sustainable.  

In addition, the child will learn to apply movement concepts and principles to the learning and development of new motor skills.  Thus empowered, the child will confidently seek out enjoyable and fulfilling activities or sports to participate in outside of school.  In short, education through the physical becomes a life-long process.

Finally the student learns practice and exhibits responsible personal and social behaviors while demonstrating empathy and respect for individual differences in ability, performance, and understanding in a physical activity setting. Sensitivity to others and to the environment in which we all play is crucial to the child, now and in the future.

The curriculum and instruction in the Woodbridge School District supports national and Connecticut standards that identify what students should know and be able to do as a result of their K-6 physical education experience. These standards are aligned with the expectations of the Amity Regional School District.