The purpose of science education is to stimulate intellectual development and awaken in every child the joy and excitement of science. In an age of increasing dependence upon science and technology, it is imperative that students be scientifically literate citizens who understand and use knowledge and the processes of science while recognizing the impact these have on their lives and on society.

BRS students' science experiences offer hands-on/minds-on explorations of natural phenomena while encouraging further questions. Whenever possible, science exploration is embedded in the context of the natural environment. It includes not only facts, but also methods of inquiry. These enable each student to ask thoughtful questions, predict, experiment, use technology, solve problems, evaluate and apply information, and make informed decisions. The science curriculum is always evolving in response to changes in our understanding of scientific phenomena. It encourages every student to approach the world outside the classroom with an open mind by nurturing scientific curiosity, flexible thinking, and a sensitivity to living things and their environments. Finally, it illustrates that scientific investigation is an on-going process that can be applied to all aspects of life. Consequently, it prepares students both for the present and for the future, as today’s learning inspires tomorrow’s investigation.

The curriculum and instruction at Beecher Road School support Next Generation Science Standards that identify what students should know and be able to do as a result of their K-6 science experience. In addition, they are aligned with the expectations of the Amity Regional School District.