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World Language

At Beecher Road School all children study Spanish from kindergarten through grade six using a proficiency-based model. In the 21st century, we are preparing our children to participate in the global community. The world language classroom is designed to make language come alive through the use of technology and enhanced curriculum.

 The use of technology is infused throughout the world language curriculum.  The iPad and Smart Board are utilized on a daily basis to enhance language instruction.  These forms of technology make language learning even more fun and exciting for the students.

 Various language assessments have been developed throughout the school year for students to raise the standards of language learning and establish a benchmark throughout the BOWA district.  Upon successful completion of grade six, children will be able to demonstrate performance in the following linguistic and cultural areas:

 • Communicate effectively in Spanish.

• Gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures.

• Make connections with other areas of study and acquire information.

• Understand the nature of language and cultures through comparisons.

• Participate in multilingual communities within a variety of contexts.

 Our current world language curriculum is being enhanced each year in order to accommodate all of our students’ needs and to improve overall language instruction across the grade levels. In the coming year, students at Beecher Road School will continue to enhance and refine their speaking, listening, written, and reading skills in Spanish.  Our students are well on their way to becoming proficient language learners!