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Grade 6 Pre-Algebra

Beecher Road School offers pre-algebra to a small group of grade 6 students who possess age-advanced abstract cognitive skills. While pre-algebra is typically a grade 7 mathematics class, there are some students for whom advancing from grade 5 mathematics immediately to grade 7 mathematics content will be appropriate.

It is important that we seek to identify students for grade 6 pre-algebra through multiple means. To be eligible for pre-algebra, students must meet two of the following three data points*:

  • A score at the 95th %ile or higher on the Grade 5 Winter STAR Math;
  • A score of 130 or higher on the Grade 3 CoGAT;
  • A score of 60% or higher on a district mathematics assessment based on grades 5-6 mathematics standards.

If a child does not qualify via two of these data points, an individual review process can be requested by contacting Beecher Road School Principal Analisa Sherman.

Please click here for the June 1, 2022, letter from Superintendent Budd and Principal Sherman related to grade 6 pre-algebra.