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Third Grade

Third Grade at Beecher Road School represents the transition to the Intermediate Grades and all that implies. Most obviously, the geographic center of the school shifts, with classrooms and most Specials now in the South area of the school. In addition to increased expectations for student independence, Third Grade marks the beginning of a student’s adventures in the world of standardized testing. 

In the Language Arts, Readers’ and Writers’ Workshops are the vehicles for delivering the reading, writing and speaking curricula. Personal narrative writing and poetry remain as units of study, but there has been an increased focus on non-fiction writing of all-about books, persuasive writing and informational texts. The reading units follow writing closely with non-fiction reading, poetry, non-fiction in general and a focus on mysteries.

Third graders work in mathematics utilizes Investigations as its prime resource, but includes others as well. Although the units taught have not changed, the focus and emphasis has in some areas. Data collection, representation and analysis, addition and subtraction of multi-digit numbers, perimeter and area, and geometry pick up from previous grades. Multiplication and division are a part of the third grade experience.

Science and social studies have rich content. The early history of Woodbridge and multiple explorations of maps and their use from our town to the world help students to broaden their horizons. In science, the major units include: Recycling and Conservation, Properties of Matter, Rocks and Minerals and an interdisciplinary unit on the adaptation of organisms. Part of this experience is the chance to work in the science lab with Mrs. Stebinger, our Science Coordinator.

The Responsive Classroom approach to teaching and learning is a core of third grade classrooms. Social skill development is taught as explicitly as addition and practiced often. Efforts are made to develop and enhance individual classroom communities and the grade as a whole. Recess and time outdoors is important for all.